Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy Easter-1978!!

Here is me back in 1978 enjoying a chat with a very freaky-looking Easter Bunny. My grandma had this picture hanging up on her fridge every Easter season up until she passed away in 2007. I always got a chuckle looking at this picture and am shocked that I was not terrified. Get a load of that costume. I dig those creepy, reversed out peepers (black eyes with white pupils). As well as his nicely spaced, in-bred teeth. Even better is my groovy 70's outfit complete with butterfly collar. The scary thing is that I basically look the same, just a little taller with a five o' clock shadow.

Easter Bunny Concepts 1

Since last year I spent part of Easter comatose with the stomach flu, I thought I would make the most of this year's holiday by painting an Easter Bunny. Well, I have the painting started but it will not be done in time for Easter Sunday. are my conceptual sketches of what I think the Easter Bunny might look like. I like to think of him as more of a scientist or inventor, kind of like Santa. He has to find efficient and creative ways of getting all those dyed eggs and candy to millions of children. The one on the bottom right kind of reminds me of "Duddley". Those of us who experienced Eastertime in the early 80's might remember him, not sure if he is still around.

Easter Bunny Concepts 2

This set there are just a few. I was feeling the need to draw bunnies. The Easter Bunny is a lot like Santa, he has quickly identifiable look, but can be depicted in so many different ways.

Easter Bunny Concepts 3

As you can see, I tried all sort of builds for the Easter Bunny. I used similar clothing, except for the blue collar bunny on the bottom right. He's got a burly "macho" look that is kind of cool for our beloved icon of the Easter season. I'm not really a religious guy... but what does a pastel clothes wearing-bipedal rabbit, who hides dyed eggs....have to do with Jesus returning from the grave? That always perplexed me.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Popgun Volume 3

Greetings! I'm proud to plug the latest volume of Popgun Volume 3 from IMAGE comics with a gorgeous cover by Tara McPherson. I'm thrilled to say I was a part of the project. It is an incredible collection of work. I hate to admit it, but my contribution looks like a thrift store painting in a collection of Rembrandts.

I have a short 8 page story called "Bunnyboy". It is actually based on a true account from my mother's childhood but given a scifi/horror/b-movie twist. The tale features my mom, my aunts, and my grandparents with a cast of "made-up" support characters. I'm afraid to show my 89 year old grandfather in fear that he will punch me in the mouth for making him look mean (which he is actually one of the greatest people in the world). Sorry Grandpa!

The redneck neighbor/baddie in the story is "VERY loosely" based on their actual neighbor in the mid 1950's. In real life he was a friendly quiet man....but still butchered chickens in the yard. Oh, and the rabbit named Bunnyboy actually existed, but my mom never knew what truly happened to him...(read the story).

I rendered it in loose ink washes and pen lines, but wished I had used a bolder brushed line...or even painted it in watercolor. Mark Andrew Smith, D.J. Kirkbride, and Thomas Mauer were a joy to work with. I had a great time throughout the process. Please check it out and pick up a copy now!