Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Reed Gunther Pinup

This is a pinup I was honored to draw for the insanely talented Chris & Shane Houghton's "Reed Gunther" comic book series. It is in the most recent issue 4 "A Fish Out of Slaughter"

This is definitley a comic book I have to pimp... You can purchase this comic at www.reedgunther.com. Or view Chris's artwork at chrishoughtonart.blogspot.com

It is a fun, hilarious, black and white adventure series set in the American Old West. Chris can draw like no one else can, and he managed to bang these out while being a full-time student. I don't know how he did it.

Thanks again Chris & Shane for including me in your amazing work!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Shrek Comic Issue 1 Cover

This year I had the fortunate opportunity to draw the covers for the Shrek miniseries published by Ape Entertainment and Dreamworks to coincide with the release of the 4th and final Shrek film this summer. This project was great experience for me. I drew up several thumbnails for each issue and got to listen to Dreamwork's initial feedback on the concepts. This was a rewarding, and interesting venture. I felt like I got to put my little personal mark on the Shrek universe, which felt pretty good.

This particular cover was a blast to draw, since I have a third grade sense of humor. I did pencils and inks for each issue cover. Colors were handled by the wonderfully talented Rolando Mallada
see is work here...rolando-mallada.blogspot.com/

Shrek Comic Issue 2 Cover

My favorite cover I drew for the miniseries. This is the second issue. A lot of detail and inkwork went into this one.

Shrek Comic Issue 3 Cover

Here is the third issue cover for the miniseries. It is a spoof on Gulliver's Travels with a hint of bathroom humor. Classic Shrek material! I had a mermaid version of this cover that got turned down in the conceptual thumbnail stage, which bummed me out.

Shrek Comic Issue 4 Cover

Here are the pencils and inks I worked up for the 4th issue. This project was a blast to work on and a great learning experience.


This is the "FREE COMIC BOOK DAY" issue published by Ape Entertainment & Dreamworks. This was the cover of the issue that was given out for free back in May. Sadly in this issue I was not credited, which bummed me out quite a bit.

Shrek 4 Prequel Comic Book Cover

This is the special "Prequel" issue published by Ape Entertainment & Dreamworks. The little bad guy Rumplestiltskin gets foiled again. I found this issue at a couple Barnes & Noble stores and I felt like "I made it".