Monday, April 30, 2012

O'Shaughnessy's Parade

Here is a piece I drew for St. Patrick's Day. It started off as just a Leprechaun sitting on a toadstool, but then I felt like drawing a dragon. this was done with a India ink washes and digital color. the dragon has a bit of a heavy Stegosaurus build to him. I think those wings are a bit useless.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Richie Rich

A couple years back I was asked to design some updated versions of the classic Harvey Comics character Richie Rich and his friends for comics publisher, Ape Entertainment. They wanted to take the property into a more action/adventure themed series. Richie and his friends would be shown a bit older than in the past and more as adventurers. I did not work on the series after, just the initial character designs. It was a thrill to be assigned this because I was always fans of the characters as a kid grown up in the 80's. The series looked great with very bold and exciting covers.


Here is Richie's dog Dollar. He's not too different, just a bit more realistic from the more humanoid version in the cartoons and comics. I know some of the original sketches I gave the folks at Ape Entertainment, I had him a bit more stocky, tougher looking, wrinkly, sort of pit bullish too. This version has him with a cool double studded collar.

Cadbury and Irona

Here is Richie's faithful butler Cadbury. I was directed to make him look more "action-hero-ish" and to consider actor Jude Law a bit. Cadbury was traditionally depicted as an older stodgier looking man through the original comic book and animated series. In the Ape Entertianment comic series they beefed him up a bit from my design here.

Irona is the robot maid. She is a bit like a Swiss Army knife. This character on the animated series sort of freaked me out as a kid. I don't know what it was. She sort of reminded me of the weird robot lady transformation scene in Superman 3.

Reggie Van Dough and Gloria Glad

Here are the updated versions of the "baddie" Reggie Van Dough and Richie's red-headed girlfriend, the good natured Gloria Glad. Reggie is not too different from his original version but Gloria is. She was always depicted with long hair and bow.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Food Fight Game Kitchen

Here is a fun screen I drew for the Cryptozoic Entertainment created game Food Fight. This picture was a lot of fun to draw. Lots of detail and gross elements. I love greasy diners...not sure if I'd eat at this one though.