Saturday, July 17, 2010

Shrek Comic Issue 1 Cover

This year I had the fortunate opportunity to draw the covers for the Shrek miniseries published by Ape Entertainment and Dreamworks to coincide with the release of the 4th and final Shrek film this summer. This project was great experience for me. I drew up several thumbnails for each issue and got to listen to Dreamwork's initial feedback on the concepts. This was a rewarding, and interesting venture. I felt like I got to put my little personal mark on the Shrek universe, which felt pretty good.

This particular cover was a blast to draw, since I have a third grade sense of humor. I did pencils and inks for each issue cover. Colors were handled by the wonderfully talented Rolando Mallada
see is work


  1. Too fantastic! Wonderful work. . .

  2. You put an amazing mark on the Shrek-verse. Great covers and inking :)