Friday, January 9, 2009

Brown Street Brewery Logo Hodag Mascot

Last year I was asked to design a mascot character for the Brown Street Brewery (micro-brew) in Rhinelander Wisconsin. The client had seen my painting of the area's legendary mythical beast known as the Hodag, and wondered if I could create one for them to be used on beer glasses, and in the bar itself. This was a VERY low budget project but I took it on because it interested me so much. Mascot characters are so much fun to create. Monster-themed mascots are even more fun.

When I was a little kid, my family took vacations in Rhinelander and I was always fascinated with the legend of the Hodag monster. Nineteenth Century lumberjacks created the beast for a hoax, but it's mystery lives on today in books, artwork, and giant fiberglass statues for roadside pictures.

I still have not heard anything back from the person that hired me to do this design, so I'm not sure if they ever used the artwork on anything. But regardless, it was still fun to do and a nice portfolio piece, oh and I got paid too.


  1. I totally want to drink at this Brewery, your illustration is sweet! Do they ship to the Eastcoast?

  2. Applebee's just released a Hodag beer here in Wisconsin. A friend of mine ended up doing the branding. They basically wanted to feature their own microbrew just for the bar. Haven't seen it yet but he does excellent work so I'm confident it's a good look.