Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Green Bay Gamblers Hockey Logo

This past year I was able to fulfill a long time dream in designing a sports team logo for Green Bay, Wisconsin's semi-pro hockey team, The Green Bay Gamblers. I got the opportunity to work on this through the design agency I work at. I'm not really much of a sports fan, but I've always been interested in athletics logos for their bold, fun, and attractive designs. Hockey has always been a fun and entertaining sport to watch. I'm not a violent guy, but I'll have to admit, the fights are pretty long as nobody gets a skate in the neck.

The challenge was to revamp the old logo that was a nicely designed, card-playing cowboy and reconstruct into a more kid-friendly but semi-aggresive bobcat. The bobcat represented Green Bay's long time hockey tradition. The city once had a well known hockey team called the Bobcats that disbanded in the early eighties.

Myself, my boss, and some coworkers had the fortunate chance to attend the press conference when the logo was unveiled and the team's new coach spoke. It was so exciting to walk into their team store and see the artwork everywhere on t-shirts, hats and other forms of clothing. When I walked out, they had a mascot costume built of the bobcat character I designed, taking photos with kids. It was a GREAT feeling to see that. This project was a huge joy to work on, the client was super cool as well.

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